Number 56 Metsäkatu 32 as. 1, Kuhmo

402,50 €

Accommodation information

Type of the building:Room accommodation (common premises and facilities are shared with lesser and tenant)
Construction engineering:Tile (or brick)
Year of construction:n. 1975
Address:Metsäkatu 32 as. 1, 88900 Kuhmo
Distance to the competition centre:28
Distance to the downtown:0,5
Bed places:1
Bed description:1 single bed(s)
Rooms:Kitchen, Living room, 2 Bed room(s), Terrace, Toilet, Sauna
Equipment:Dishes for 2 persons, Electric stove with oven, Wooden stove, Refrigerator, Freezer, Microwave, Coffee maker, Dish machine, Laundry machine, Radio, TV, Iron, Sewerage/sanitation
Linen:Customer brings him/her own bed linen
Drinking water:Tap water
Sauna:Own sauna of the room, electric sauna stove, Shower
Other information about the accommodation:One bedroom for the customer's own use, other common spaces shared with the landlord.
Beach:Public (or other) beach
Rowing boat for customers use:Not
Pets:Must agree separately
Cleaning equipment:Yes

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