Children day care (Muksula)

To prevent the spread of the Covid-19 epidemic, we will not be organizing a children day care (muksula) at the event Competition Centre this year. 

Please note that you can choose your own start times in the race series (excluding H / D16-21E) as well as in the open series to take into account the care of the children.

Rastiralli (Adventure track) 

The Rastiralli action point serves at the competition center every race day. The Rastiralli activity course is for those
children who do not yet participate in orienteering events. There are nature and
orienteering themed activities. The children need to have someone who can read with

The start and finish areas of the Rastiralli are the same. The children receive a map and help along the way. The week fee is possibility pay KOW-webshop. One day fee is paid in cash at the start area.

The prices are 4€ / day or 12€/ week.

Preliminary openin hours:
Sunday 4 July 11-17
Tuesday 6 July 11-17
Thursday 8 July 11-17
Friday 9 July 10-16

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