Event Centre (Suomussalmi, Jalonniemi, Suomussalmi tourist office)

Event Centre is in Suomussalmi tourist office which is located just adjacent to Suomussalmi city centre (450 m) and beside the road 5 (E63).
The navigating address is Jalonkaarre 5, 89600 Suomussalmi.

Services in the Event Centre:

  • KOW info (competition information, parking tickets, bus tickets etc., KOW shop products)
  • Floor accommodation (FULL) 
  • Open sprint orienteering event (Monday 5th July - Saturday 10th 2021)
  • Suomussalmi tourist information (for ex. Hossa National Park)  


Competition Centre (Haverinen) 

The Haverinen Competition Centre is located only 5 km from the Suomussalmi city centre to the west (road 892). 

The navigating address is Haverisentie 7, 89600 Suomussalmi.

In the Competition Centre, we have several services, for example parking areas, bus stop for bus transportation, restaurant and cafés, ice cream and soft ice shops, orienteering and sport shops and Rastiralli.

Location of the competition centre on the map

Club tents

Club tent places are only bookable in advance. There are a limited number of club tent sites. Each club tent site is pre-marked at the competition center. It is forbidden to set up a club tent in the competition center without a marked place!

A place for a club tent can be booked through this form. Each club can reserve one tent place and indicate its willingness to another tent site. An additional place for another tent can be obtained if there are tent places left.

Clubs can set up their tents on Saturday 3rd July 15:00-20:00 and Sunday 4th July after 9:00. The club tent area is located near the finish line of the competition center.


Guidance to the Event Centre, Competition Centre and to parking areas start from the following places:

  • South of Suomussalmi: from the road 5 about 5 km before Suomussalmi
  • North of Suomussalmi: from the road 5 about 8 km before Suomussalmi
  • West of Suomussalmi: Guidance on road 892, about 10 km before Suomussalmi
  • The guiding posts will be placed on friday 2nd of July 2021 at 15:00.

Arriving and parking 

Parking areas are located 100-2500 meters from the competition centre. All car parks are within walking distance of the race centre.

Motorbikes, mopeds and bices

There is no separate parking area for motorbikes, mopeds and bices, but they can be left in the parking areas of the competition center. There is no parking fee for motorbikes, mopeds and bikes.

Motorhomes and caravans

Motorhomes can be used to enter the Parking areas of the Competition Centre. NOTE! Caravans cannot be used to enter the Parking areas of the Competition Centre, so we recommend leaving the caravans in the accommodation or somewhere in the public Parking area.

Parking display tickets 

Parking display tickets will be checked when leaving the parking area. A parking display ticket can be purchased from the KOW Info at the Event Centre or Competition Centre. You can also purchase the display ticket when leaving the parking area − in which case only cash is accepted. We strongly recommend you to purchase your display ticket in advance so you do not have to wait when you are leaving the parking area. 


P5 City centre / Event Centre see the bus transportation ticket prices
P4 Caravan €40 / week €12 / day
P3-P4 Public €35 / week €12 day
P2 Family parking* €35 / week €10 / day
P1 VIP parking** €60 / week -
* In advance only weekly ticket on sale
** Only weekly ticket on sale
  • P5 City centre/Event Centre -car park is located near the center of Suomussalmi, from where there is a bus transfer directly to the competition centre. The bus transfer takes about 10 minutes.
  • P3-P4 parking areas are 0.7 km - 2.5 km walk to the race center.
  • P2 family parking area is about 0,7km away from the Competition Centre. Family parking is for families with children and the space is limited. Family parking display tickets may be purchased in advance at KOW-webstore or on the spot if tickets remain on sale.
  • P1 VIP parking is about 100m away from the Competition Centre. The space in the VIP parking is available for all participants for KOW, however the space is limited. The VIP parking display tickets may be purchased in advance at KOW-webstore.

Bus transportation

See detailed timetable, bus stops and ticket fees from here

There is a bus transport for every competition day to both directions from Suomussalmi (Ämmänsaari) to competition centre.

Bus transportation routes:

Arrival route: Kurimo Guest House – Siikaranta – EVENT CENTRE – Suomussalmi city centre – COMPETITION CENTRE 

Departure route: COMPETITION CENTRE – Suomussalmi city centre – EVENT CENTRE – Siikaranta – Kurimo Guest House

See the detailed route map from here (will be published later)

The bus transportation takes about 25 min from the Kurimo Guest House to competition centre and same time back from competition centre to Kurimo Guest House. Bus stop is in the competition centre.

See the detailed timetable and the bus stops from here.

Ticket prices:

  One way Week
Adult 3 € 15 €
Children (under 15 years) 2 € 10 €

Tickets can be bought from KOW-info (card and cash) and from bus (only cash). Weekly tickets can also be purchased from the KOW-webstore.

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