53rd Kainuu Orienteering Week Finland


In open courses, participants can entry/register on-site in the competition centre 

You are warmly welcome to the most traditional Finnish orienteering and holiday week - Kainuu Orienteering Week. This year the event will be held in Suomussalmi and Haverinen ski centre area. For orienteers in all categories we offer perfect pine-forest terrain!
During the rest days spectators can enjoy for example culture, program for kids and especially the great sceneries and experiences in the Hossa National Park. 

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Merry Christmas and Happy New Year!


We wish everyone a very peaceful Christmas and Good Orienteering for the Year 2022!

The people of Kainuu Orienteering Week are on holiday at the turn of the year. Read the article for instructions on how to make sports benefit payments during the rest of the year.

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