Scale 1:10 000, colour printout 6/2021. 
Scale 1:7 500 (in the senior competition categories and two new open courses categories in scale 1:7500).
Map size varies between A3, A4 and A5 depending on the category.
The maps have
plastic covers.
Mapping: Mapline Oy / Pasi Jokelainen, Jarmo Pikkarainen, Matti Kivelä and Pekka Hiltunen. 


Competition terrain is very suitable for all categories and perfect for running. Orienteers will be running in the fast and beautiful moor terrain of Haverinen. In certain areas the curves are with small features. The forest consists almost exclusively of pine forest of varying ages. The visibility is mostly excellent, in some seedling areas slightly poorer. Ground is solid and clean; it is not stony. One river (Varisjoki), a few mires and ponds bring their own contribution to the orienteering tasks and landscape. The area near the competition centre has a comprehensive trail network.

We offer several different kind of tracks and themes for the tracks and themes for the
tracks starting from long distance to more like middle distance.

Maps are done by Mapline Oy, which was also the mapper company of

Terrain photos


Map samples

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