1st Finish Main Partner (Elite categories)

Partner: Noname

Partner description: Noname is a genuine Scandinavian sports brand, established in 1999, specializing in design, production and sales of custom made sport textiles for clubs and companies. In addition to this noname also offers a retail collection with delivery from stock. The noname head office and warehouse is located in Vaasa, Finland while national sales offices are situated in Borlänge in Sweden, Halden in Norway, St Petersburg in Russia and Tartu in Estonia. In 2009 noname opened its first Brand Store in central Tampere, Finland. Noname is a major partner of Kainuu Orienteering Week and we can warmly recommend noname technical products for organizations, clubs and private consumers.

Web page: www.nonamesport.com


2nd Finish Main Partner

Partner: Metsähallitus

Partner description: Metsähallitus is a state-owned enterprise that provides natural resource services to a diverse customer base, from citizens to large companies. Our operations are based on the expert and cooperative use of the state's land and water areas.

Web page: www.metsa.fi


3rd Finish Main Partner

Partner: Kainuun liitto

Partner description: Kainuu is located in the middle of Finland. The size of Kainuu region is comparable to Belgium, region from the vicinity of Lake Oulujärvi to the Russian border. Today, about 73,000 inhabitants live in the area. The largest center is Kajaani, home to almost half of the province's population. Kainuu is famous for its blue forested hill, large lakes and vast forests. Tourists are familiar with the Vuokatti and Katinkulta in Sotkamo, Ukkohalla in Hyrynsalmi and forested hill Paljakka in Puolanka. National Park was opened in Hossa, Suomussalmi, on 17 June 2017. In the summer, the province headlines is the Kuhmo Chamber Music, Kajaani Poem Week and Kainuu Orienteering Week. In Suomussalmi you will find the actual nesting place of summer theater art, Teatteri Retikka. Jymy plays baseball in summer, Hokki hockey in winter, and the Vuokatti Ski Team skies Kainuu on the world map.

Web page: www.kainuu.fi 


4th Finish Main Partner (Children's categories)


Web page:


5th Finish Main Partner (Open courses)

Partner: City of Kuhmo

Partner description:

Webpage: www.kuhmo.fi




1. Finish

Partner: Mapline Oy

Partner description: Mapline Oy brings unique added value to the customer's marketing and communication by implementing expert spatial data and map services. Communication includes the expert design of map materials and the effective coordination of the production of various map products such as printed maps, print and guide maps and Internet maps. All this for the benefit of the customer and to save costs.

Web page: www.mapline.fi


2. Finish

Partner: Konttorikolmio Oy

Founded in 1991, Konttoriikolmio is a leading office and IT supply wholesaler in its field, as well as an expert in modern AV systems and printing solutions.

Web page: www.konttorikolmio.fi


3. Finish

Partner: Kainuun Sanomat

Partner description: Kainuun Sanomat is a provincial newspaper published in Kainuu.

Web page: www.kainuunsanomat.fi


4. Finish

Partner: Kaisanet Oy

Partner description: Kaisanet is an expert company in network services, telecommunications, IT services and digitalisation operating in the Kainuu, Upper Savo and North Karelia regions.

Web page: www.kaisanet.fi


5. Finish

Partner: Open partnership for 2023

Partner description: Open partnership for 2023

Web page: Open partnership for 2023

If your company is interested in being a partner of Kainuu Orienteering Week please contact Secretary General: Jukka Liuha, jukka.liuha(at)rastiviikko.fi, +358 44 7679533



There are several dozen other partnerships in our event: sale area partners, restaurant and café services partners, competition centre construction partners, marketing partners, etc. etc. Our current supporters and partners can be viewed from the listing at the bottom of our homepage. With each partner, we agree on our own close co-operation and visibility, and we strive to build the co-operation in such a way that both parties benefit as much as possible from the co-operation.




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