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ELITE PARTNER (H/D21E Elite Classes)

Partner: Kainuu Vocational College

Partner Description: Students of Kainuu Vocational College (KAO) embark on a journey towards unique learning experiences!

Kainuu Vocational College (KAO) provides vocational secondary education for both young individuals and adults. We actively contribute to the development of the regional business sector and support growth industries through collaboration with various stakeholders.

KAO is a versatile educational institution offering approximately 80 vocational qualifications, vocational diplomas, and specialized vocational diplomas, as well as components of these qualifications. Learning and skill acquisition take place in diverse learning environments, both within the institution and through vocational training or apprenticeships in the workplace. In addition to our own course offerings, we also provide apprenticeship training in collaboration with other educational providers. Through various development projects, we organize short-term and continuing education programs.

We operate nationally with permanent campuses located in Kajaani, Kuusamo, Vantaa, and Vuokatti. Each year, over 3000 students from more than 190 municipalities across Finland enroll at KAO.

The Kainuu Orienteering Week event serves as an excellent example of workplace-based learning.

"Kainuu Orienteering Week offers our students a splendid opportunity to learn and showcase their professional skills through collaborative efforts with other educational institutions. Throughout the week, instructors and students from various fields at KAO participate in tasks such as logistics, and restaurant and catering services. Additionally, students from the media sector have been involved in event preparations and marketing," states Anu Kuosmanen, Principal of Kainuu Vocational College.

Welcome to Kainuu Vocational College!

We provide opportunities for continuous skill development and learning—explore our diverse range of educational programs!


MAIN PARTNERS (Main Cooperation Partners)

1. Finish (H/D16-20E Classes)

Partner: Noname

Partner Description: Noname is a company founded in 1999, specializing in the design, manufacturing, and marketing of sportswear. Noname offers a comprehensive range of cross-country skiing, athletics, and orienteering clothing for clubs, with desired colors and designs chosen by customers. In recent years, an increasing number of businesses have discovered Noname's versatile range for enhancing corporate image. Noname is a significant partner of Kainuu Orienteering Week, and we warmly recommend Noname products for various needs, including technical apparel for organizations, clubs, and individual consumers.


2. Finish

Partner: Intersport Kajaani

Partner Description:


3. Finish

Partner: Kainuu Regional Council

Partner Description: Kainuu is located in the heart of Finland, stretching from the surroundings of Lake Oulujärvi to the Russian border, covering an area nearly the size of Belgium. The current population of the region is approximately 73,000. The largest center is Kajaani, where almost half of the region's population resides. Kainuu is known for its blue hills, large lakes, and vast forests. Tourists recognize landmarks like Sotkamo's Vuokatti and Katinkulta, Hyrynsalmi's Ukkohalla, and Puolanka's Paljakka. Suomussalmi's Hossa became a national park on June 17, 2017. In the summer, the region gains attention through events like Kuhmo Chamber Music, Kajaani Poetry Week, and Kainuu Orienteering Week. Suomussalmi hosts the summer theater at Teatteri Retikka. Kajaani City Theater features playwright Anna Krogerus, who touches the hearts of everyday people with her plays. The Generator brings forth youthful energy. New events include the folk music festival Sommelo in Kuhmo and Kajaani Fest Lammen Loiskeet in Kajaani. Jymy plays in the summer, Hokki in the winter, and Vuokatti Ski Team puts Kainuu on the world map in skiing. Swamp soccer captivates the people, and snow football finds companionship. Kainuu exudes national cultural heritage: Veikko Huovinen wrote about Konsta Pylkkänen in the 1950s, who pondered such blue thoughts by the Lentua shore that they became the region's slogan. Ilmari Kianto boldly wrote the Nälkämaan laulu (Song of the Hungry Land) as the regional anthem. Eino Leino admired Miss Summer Hay, Elias Lönnrot compiled the Kalevala from Kajaani, and Akseli Gallen-Kallela painted sketches by the Lentua shore for the Aino triptych. Hallan-Ukko and his group declared Finland independent in Suomussalmi in the summer of 1917, almost a year before the rest of the country joined in. Renforsin Ranta provides space, services, and a good environment for companies, regardless of their industry. The area near Kajaani city center, with excellent transportation connections, already houses dozens of companies with a total of over 500 employees.


4. Finish (Children's Classes)

Partner: OP Kainuu

Partner Description: OP Kainuu (officially known as Kainuun Osuuspankki) is a full-service bank operating in the Kajaani economic area, offering you a unique combination of banking and insurance services conveniently under one roof. It is part of the Finnish OP Group and one of the OP Group's regional banks.

We serve our banking and insurance customers in two full-service branches and one service point across three municipalities. Additionally, you have access to a user-friendly online service and expert phone support. You can also find our bank on Facebook:

We are a member-owned, strongly developing, and forward-looking bank. Our mission is to promote the financial success of our customers. We also take responsibility for our operating environment and contribute to its vitality.

At your service are approximately 60 skilled and reliable banking and insurance professionals. They are ready to tell you more about our unique combination of banking and insurance services.


5. Finish (Open Classes)

Partner: City of Kajaani

Partner Description:




1. Finish

Partner: Mapline Oy

Partner Description: Mapline Ltd adds unique value to customer marketing and communication by providing expert location-based and mapping services. Communication includes expertly designed map data and efficient coordination of various map products, such as printed maps, print and display boards, and online maps. All of this is done for the benefit of the customer and to save costs.


2. Finish

Partner: Feelia Oy

Partner Description:


3. Finish

Partner: Kainuun Sanomat

Partner Description: Kainuun Sanomat was established in 1918 amidst great patriotic enthusiasm. Kainuun Sanomat is a six-day, independent regional newspaper.

A characteristic feature of Kainuun Sanomat has been the pursuit of developmental area policy goals. Over the decades, as a regional newspaper, it has contributed to creating Kainuu's own regional identity. As a newspaper for rural areas, it has constantly aimed to provide an alternative perspective to the major media in the capital and congested Finland.


4. Finish

Partner: Kaisanet Oy

Partner Description: Your new connections in life, Kaisanet Ltd is an expert company in the Kainuu, Upper Savonia, and North Karelia regions, providing network services, telecommunications, ICT services, and expertise in digitalization. We offer digital solutions for everyday life and special occasions, as well as devices and connections. Everything you need for communication.


5. Finish

Partner: Pölkky Oy

Partner Description:


Become as a partner?

If your company is interested in a partnership for the year 2024, please contact the secretary general: Jukka Liuha,, +358 44 7679533


Our event has several tens of various partnerships: sales partners, restaurant and cafe service partners, partners related to the construction of the competition center, marketing cooperation partners, etc. You can check our current partners on the front page at the bottom. With each partner, we negotiate separately about our specific collaboration and visibility package, aiming to build a partnership that benefits both parties as much as possible.

If your company is interested in a partnership for the year 2024, please contact the secretary general: Jukka Liuha,, +358 44 7679533


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Fin5 Orienteering Week

World Orienteering Championships 7-12 July 2025 in Kuopio


Endurance Experience Kainuu events

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