Kainuu Orienteering Week values

Environmental friendliness

Kainuu Orienteering Week (KOW) in Finland invests in environmentally friendly activities.

We pursue this with the following goals:

  1. Environmentally friendly electricity to Kainuu Orienteering Week competition centre.

  2. Environmentally friendly detergent products for Kainuu Orienteering Week competition centre (eg showers and toilets, etc.)

  3. Environmentally friendly waste sorting in the competition centre area (restaurant, kiosk, etc.)

  4. Tidiness and Respect for Nature: We orienteers are known for tidiness and respect for nature; this tradition should be taken care of by all of us together.

Kainuu Orienteering Week has a long tradition of taking environmental aspects into account: for example, the first experiments in sorting food-related waste were made at Kajaani's Kainuu Orienteering Week in 1998. From these experiences, the Finnish Orienteering Federation prepared the first environmental guidelines for the organizers of orienteering competitions.

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