The exact distances of the race series and the guide map of the starting area’s have been published

The daily trips of the race series have become more precise after the completion of the track plans. Categories, starts, scales and distances can be found in the same table on the competition categories info page.

Start area's guiding map has also been published! On the map you can check the distances from the Competition Centre to start areas.

The choosing of the start times of the competition categories will open on Thursday, June 16, 2022 at 10:00 am and will close on June 22, 2022. If a participant hasn't chosen the start times in start times choosing service we will raffle the start times for the participant from those start times which are left free.

The time window for the start times of the competition categories is the same as the time for the open courses recreational orienteering. Here's how to choose a daily departure time:

  • Sun 3.7. at 13-16.30
  • Tue 5.7. at 11-14.30
  • Thur 7.7. at 11-14.30
  • Fri 8.7. at 10-13.30

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