KOW2023 bus transport and parking arrangements

In Kainuu Orienteering Week, all parking areas of the Competition Centre (P2-P3 and P4) are located 1.5 to 9.5 kilometers from the Competition Centre. There is a smooth and fast non-stop bus transport from all parking areas to the Competition Centre, as buses run from each parking area approximately in every 5-10 minutes. See the arrangements for bus transport and parking areas on the map below or on our website.

Unfortunately, due to the limited parking space in the vicinity of the Competition Centre this year, we are unable to organize VIP parking.

We recommend using the competition bus to get to the Competition Centre, which transports customers from Kuhmo (city) and Event Centre to the Competition Centre and back on every day of the competition. Read more about the competition bus on our website.

See the map with as a PDF-file.

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