Arrival instructions to Kainuu Orienteering Week 2022

Welcome to the 54th Kainuu Orienteering Week in Luhtakangas, Puolanka, Finland 3-8 July 2022.

Here are some of the most important arrival instructions to arrive at Kainuu O-Week.

Guidance to the Event Centre, Competition Centre and to parking areas 

- South/East of Puolanka: Guidance starts from road 78 about 8 km south of Puolanka
- West of Puolanka: Guidance starts on road 78 about 2 km before Puolanka centre.
- East: On Kyröntie (892) guidance starts at Puolangantie (891) junction.
- East: On Puolangantie (891) guidance starts at Hallanmaantie junction.

The guiding posts will be placed on 1st July 2022 at 15:00.

Event Centre: Ouluntie 3, Puolanka
Competition Centre: Kuirivaarantie 1, Puolanka

On competition days it is recommended to arrive from the west only on the Road Hyrynsalmentie (891)

Arrive to the competition centre from the direction of Paltamontie (78) to Hyrynsalmentie (891).

Those who arrive from the direction of Hyrynsalmi or Suomussalmi, we recommend using Kyröntie (892)-Puolangantie (891) - Hallanmaantie - Hoikanvaarantie - Paltamontie - Hyrynsalmentie route. This route increases the driving time to the competition centre only by nine (9) minutes.

From Ukkohalla we recommend to use Hallanmaantie - Hoikanvaarantie - Paltamontie - Hyrynsalmentie route.

From Paljakka we recommend using Ristijärventie - Paltamontie - Hyrynsalmentie route.


Parking areas are located within 350 - 1 000 meters from the competition centre. All parking areas are within walking distance of the competition centre.

Those who have bought the VIP parking ticket can always park in the competition centre’s VIP parking area, which is within 350-400 m from the competition centre.

Competition bus

During the competition days the competition bus will operate (on every 1 h) non-stop between Puolanka town centre - Event Centre - Competition Centre and back. See more -> 2022 -> Event centre and competition centre → Competition bus. Bus tickets can be bought from KOW webshop on KOW info (event centre or competition centre).

Club busses

There are no parking areas for club buses in the competition centre. Club buses can leave the participants on Competition Centre’s bus stop and continue then to the public parking areas in Puolanka.

Motorcycles, mopeds and bikes

There is no separate parking area for motorcycles, mopeds or bikes, but they can be left in the competition centre’s parking areas. You do not have to pay for parking motorcycles, mopeds and bikes.

Campers and Caravans

Campers are allowed in the competition centre’s parking areas. NB! Caravans are not allowed in the competition centre’s parking areas, so we recommend leaving caravans to your accommodation or some public parking areas.

Parking display tickets

Parking display tickets will be checked when leaving the parking area. A parking display ticket can be purchased from the KOW-info at the Event Centre or Competition Centre. You can also purchase the display ticket when leaving the parking area − in which case only cash is accepted. We strongly recommend you to purchase your display ticket in advance so you do not have to wait when you are leaving the parking area.


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