Accommodation bookable

Published: 31.08.2023

At this time, existing private accommodation has now been updated for booking in the KOW-webshop.

With the new website, the booking of private accommodation has moved to the webshop. You can book accommodation through the online store at any time.

How to book accommodation:

  1. Check out the advertisements for accommodation destinations on the private accommodation -page. On the same page you will find more detailed and booking conditions.
  2. Check out the accommodation. The description of the property shows the rental period for which the property can be reserved.
  3. Press "Book accommodation" to add the accommodation to the shopping cart. 
  4. Go to the shopping cart at the e-commerce checkout. Fill in the customer information and go to pay.
  5. After ordering, you will receive an order confirmation email with the landlord's details and the booking details.

Payment methods are available in the KOW-webshop:

  • Online banking (all Finnish banks)
  • Card payment (Visa, Visa Electron, Mastercerd, Eurocard and American Express)
  • Mobile payment (MobilePay and Siirto App)
  • Invoice and installment (Collector and Jousto)

The accommodations  will be updated as the event approaches as we get new ones accommodation. The latest destinations are updated in the list of accommodation destinations first.

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