Registration into Kainuu O-Week open courses is now possible also at on-site

Published: 31.08.2023

Positive news for all those who came to the Kainuu Orienteering Week!

The coronavirus epidemic situation in the Kainuu region has been improving all the time in recent weeks, and almost all restrictions on assembly have now been lifted in the Kainuu region. As a result, we have now ensured that it is now possible to register for open courses recreational orienteering during the orienteering week on site as follows:

  • On-site registration ONLY with Rastilippu-service (participants aged 14 or older). To prevent the spread of the coronavirus epidemic, we do not accept traditional paper-based registration forms on site.
  • Children (under 14) and Family-RR series are registered via the registration form ( -> Entry)
  • During the Kainuu Orienteering Week, the recreational navigator can go to the start at the most convenient time and go to the forest to do the orienteering performance on each day of the competition as follows:
    • 1., 2. ja 3. race day (Sun 4.7., Tue 6.7. and Thu 8.7.): at 11-16
    • 4. race day (Fri 9.7.): at 10-15

Contrary to the instructions given earlier (May 2021), it is NOT necessary for open courses participants to choose a start time in advance, nor does it necessarily have to register in advance. Of course, we recommend that you register in advance to make your arrival and start to orienteer more smooth.

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