Number 56 Tornikuja 5A, Kajaani

460,00 €

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Accommodation information

Type of the building:Block of flats (apartment building), 3 block.
Construction engineering:Tile (or brick)
Address:Tornikuja 5A, 87300 Kajaani
Distance to the competition centre:17
Distance to the downtown:1
Bed places:4
Bed description:1 double bed(s), 1 sofa-bed(s)
Rooms:Kitchen, 2 Bed room(s), Balcony, Toilet
Equipment:Dishes for 4 persons, Electric stove with oven, Refrigerator, Microwave, Laundry machine, TV, WIFI/WLAN
Linen:Customer brings him/her own bed linen
Drinking water:Tap water
Heating:Electric, District heating, Wooden stove/oven
Sauna:Own sauna of the room
Other information about the accommodation:One parking space is provided free of charge. Please take care of all property in the apartment. You have to replace the broken property with cash according to the original price, and maintenance services are not offered. The property must be inspected before guests leave, and the piano cannot be used. Please remember to keep the room clean when you leave, otherwise a cleaning fee of 200 euros will be charged.
Rowing boat for customers use:Not
Cleaning equipment:Not

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