Kainuu Trail running shirt Ladies

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PRE-ORDER UNTIL 30.4.2024!
Pre-ordered products are delivered on-site at the event in 29 June 2024.
Notice! In the webshop please choose delivering method as "Pick up from the event 0,00 €".
If you want that ordered products should be delivered after the event by postal service (only in Finland) then choose in the webshop "postal package 5,90 €".

The official Kainuu Trail running shirt is made by the Noname Sport and the shirt''''''''s model name is the Battle shirt which is a tight fitted professional running shirt. The BATTLE SHIRT is made from durable and functional TRAIL TECH fabric. The whole back area of the shirt is made from O-VENT elastic mesh fabric, which further improves ventilation and therefore makes it extremely breathable especially in hot conditions and like in trail running when runner will usually carry a backpack for example. Short zipper in the front and a 2cm low collar.

Sizes: Unisex XXS-XXL, Ladies XXS-XXL

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