Kainuu Orienteering Week is an annual orienteering week in Finland - held in Kainuu region of Finland, consisting of the four race day (competition categories and open courses) and two intermediate days. The event is for all types of fitness enthusiasts, beginners and top level orienteers. 


Entry and registration to the event 

In competition categories all participants must pre-register into Kainuu Orienteering Week event.
In open courses categories all participants can either pre-register for open courses only to the whole week or register on-site to the whole week or individual days.

  • See more registration instructions here.


Booking accommodation

Various accommodation options are available for the Kainuu Orienteering Week event. In addition to commercial accommodation, there are holiday cottages and apartments rented by private individuals. Additionally, there usually are some dormitory accommodation, floor accommodation and camping accommodation available.

  • See more commercial accommodation here.
  • See more holiday apartments accommodation here.
  • See more other accommodation options here.


Arrival to the event

Reserve enough time for arriving to the event. The nearest parking areas are in 100-1000 m walking distance from the competition centre. From parking areas located further away we offer non-stop shuttle bus service to the competition centre. Instead of your own car, you can also arrive to the event with our competition bus.

  • See arrival and parking instructions here.


When you arrive at the competition centre

Open courses orienteer
Look for open courses info in the Kainuu Orienteering week competition centre. If you have pre-registered, you can find the competition number in front of the open courses info point and you can get a rental emit card from the "pre-registered" point of the open courses info. If you have not registered in advance, you can register for open orienteering in the open courses info point.

When you have registered (and paid your participation fee) and you have your competition number and emit card you are able to go to the start area (Start 5) of the open courses.

At start area 5 the officials register open orienteers (open courses A, B and C) and family series (Open-RR / Family-RR) orienteers to be started. Check the day-specific starting times of the start 5 from here.

  • See more open courses instructions and timetables here and competition instructions here.

Competition categories orienteer
You can find the competition number in the vicinity of KOW-info. You can report a change of the Emit card number or other competition information in the KOW-info (see cancellation and change conditions). KOW-info officials will answer to your questions if necessary. See your start time from the start list here and go to the right start area of to your category in time. There are start areas 1,2,3 and 4 for competition categories.

  • See more competition categories instructions and timetables here and competition instructions here.


Competition centre services

The Kainuu Orienteering Week's competition centre has e.g. restaurant and café services, orienteering and sporting goods shops, children's day care and dog's day care. The shower area has showers and warm water (the Covid-19 situation may cause some changes for this in 2021).

  • See more restaurant and café services here.
  • See more children’s day care and adventure track here.
  • See more dog’s day care here.


When you leave the competition centre

If you have arrived with your own car, buy a parking ticket from the KOW-info before leaving the competition centre. Parking tickets are checked when leaving the parking area. When leaving the car park, the parking ticket can only be redeemed for cash.


Other things to do during to event

A variety of other things to do are offered for the whole orienteering week. Check out the Kainuu Orienteering Week program and plan your own orienteering and holiday week in Finland and Kainuu region.

See more the program here.

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