Kainuu Orienteering Week 2021 start lists and results


Online Results

4. Stage

Overall results 9.7.2021

Results 9.7.2021

Split times 9.7.2021

Route Gadget 9.7.2021

3. Stage

Overall results 8.7.2021

Results 8.7.2021

Split times 8.7.2021

Route Gadget 8.7.2021


2. Stage

Overall results 6.7.2021

Results 6.7.2021

Split times 6.7.2021

Route gadget 6.7.2021


1. Stage

Results 4.7.2021

Split times 4.7.2021

Route Gadget 4.7.2021

O-Skills service (KOW2021)

O-Skills, MTB-O Finnish Cup (KOW2021)


Sprint orienteering 5.7. results

Sprint orienteering result

Start lists H/D16-21E categories

1. race day 4.7.2021: https://www.kokkens.fi/kilpailut/2021/krv/sarja_1.html
2. race day 6.7.2021: https://www.kokkens.fi/kilpailut/2021/krv/sarja_2.html
3. race day 8.7.2021: https://www.kokkens.fi/kilpailut/2021/krv/sarja_3.html
4. race day 9.7.2021: https://www.kokkens.fi/kilpailut/2021/krv/sarja_4.html

Other competition categories start lists

Start times will be updated on the start lists after the start time choosing is closed. Start times will be published on the start lists on June 25, 2021.

Competition categories start times choosing service

Start times choosing service will be open from 16th June 2021 at 12.00am until to 23rd June 2021 

In competition categories the free start times are used in all categories except H/D16-21E categories.
NOTE. The start time selection must be made separately for each race day.

Choose your start times for each competition day in here.

- Fill in your license number in to the field and push "Jatka".
- Choose the correct event and day, eg "Kainuun Rastiviikko 2021, 1. päivä" (Kainuu Cross Week)
- After this you are able to choose start times

If participant hasn't chosen the start times in start times choosing service we will raffle the start times for the participant from those start times which are left free.

Start area's guiding map is published here, from this map you can check the distances from the Competition Centre to start areas.

You can see the registered people here.

Open courses - registered participants

Lists updated on 11.6.2021

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