Where to stay during orientation week next summer?

Published: 16.11.2023

The summer 2024 Kainuu Orienteering Week will be organized in Kajaani on the terrain of Joutenlampi, the competition center is located at Joutenlammentie 294, Kajaani. When booking accommodation, it's a good idea to think about movement to the event during the orientation week. From the accommodation facilities in the center of Kajaani and the northern part of the agglomeration, it is easy to take advantage of the race bus transport, with which you can easily get to the competition center. There are also good accommodation options in nearby municipalities within a reasonable driving distance. Accommodation options are described below.

In accommodation rented by a private person:

As in previous years, the Kainuu Rastiviikko accommodation office brokers accommodation properties rented by private individuals. There are summer cottages, single-family houses and terraced and apartment buildings. The first accommodation properties have been brokered and the accommodation offer will be updated as new properties become brokered. You can follow the accommodation offer here. 

In the dormitory:

Dormitory accommodation in the Kajaani city center area has now been added to the sale. Dormitory accommodation is arranged in the Kainuu vocational college dormitories at Opintie 2, Kajaani. The dormitory has an apartment with four basic furnished double rooms. Each apartment has a kitchen, washing room and toilet. The departure point of the competition bus is located at the Kainuu vocational college, so it is easy for those staying in the dormitory to use this to get to the competition center. Find out about dormitory accommodation here.

In the holiday apartment, hotel or campsite:

Commercial accommodation facilities in Kajaani and its surrounding areas offer versatile accommodation options. Among the nearby municipalities, Vuokatti, Sotkamo, Ristijärvi and Paltamo, the accommodation facilities are located approximately 30-40 minutes by car from the Joutenlammi competition center.

The accommodation services of the Joutenlampi Recreation Centre are right next to the competition center. There is a camping area for caravans and tents. The cabins are fully booked, so cabin accommodation is no longer available.

Get to know the offer of commercial accommodation.

Consideration of movement during the event when booking accommodation

You can find out about parking arrangements and competition bus transportation on the event centre and competition centre page.

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