Parking and bus tickets on sale!

You can arrive at the Kainuu Orienteering Week competition centre in Luhtakangas, Puolanka on July 3-8, 2022 by riding the bus or in your own car. On arrival by car, the parking area is located 300-1000 meters from the competition centre. The competition bus runs from Puolanka camping to the competition centre, the driving time from the bus departure point to the competition centre is about 30 minutes. The competition bus stop is located about 300 m from the competition center, in the immediate vicinity of the VIP and Perhe-Park.


Bus tickets added to KOW-webshop for sale:

  • Adult 15 € / week
  • Child (under 15-years-old) 10 € / week

See the race bus route and more detailed information on the Event Centre and Competition Centre page.

The following parking tickets have been added to the KOW-webshop for sale:

  • P1 VIP parking 60 € / week
  • P2 Family 35 € / week
  • P3-4 General 35 € / week

See the Event Centre and Competition Centre page for more information and parking area locations.


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