Event Centre

The Event Centre is located at Koulukatu 2, Puolanka. 

Services of the Event Centre

  • KOW info (competition office, parking ticket, bus ticket, KOW shop
  • Floor accommodation (school accommodation)
  • Open sprint orienteering event on Monday 4th July 2022
  • Open sprint tracks 5 - 8 July 2022
  • Competition bus (bus stop)

Competition Centre (Luhtakangas)

The Competition Centre is located about 10 km southeast of the Puolanka.

The navigation address of the Competition Centre is Kuirivaarantie 1, Puolanka.

The Competition Centre has e.g. restaurant and café services, orienteering and sports equipment shops, Muksula (Children’s day care), a dog park and showers with warm water.

It is forbidden to camp / stay in the area of ​​the Competition Centre and the competition terrain!

Club tents

It is possible to set up club tents starting at 15.00 on Saturday 2nd July.


Guiding to the Event Centre, Competition Centre and its parking lots

Guiding starts from:

  • South/east: guiding starts from the road 78 about 8 km southeast of the Puolanka
  • West: guiding starts from the road 78 about 2 km before Puolanka city centre
  • The guiding posts will be placed on friday 1st July 2022 at 15.00.

Arriving and parking

Parking areas are 300-1000 metres from the Competition Centre.

With VIP parking ticket cars are always allowed for VIP parking area which is about 350-400 meters from the Competition Centre. 

Motor cycles, mopeds and cycles 

There are no separate parking areas for these. Free parking.

Campervans and Caravan

With campervan it is allowed to arrive in Competition Centre's parking areas. Caravan + car are not allowed.

Parking tickets

Parking display tickets will be checked when leaving the parking area.

Purchase parking tickets:
  • Webshop
  • Event Centre's KOW info
  • Competition Centre's KOW info
  • when leaving the parking area (either in cash or card)
  • We strongly recommend you to purchase your display ticket in advance so you do not have to wait when you are leaving the parking area.
Ticket prices:
  • P5 Event Centre (see the competition bus transportation ticket prices)
  • P4 Caravan 40 € / week, 12 € / day
  • P3-P4 Public 35 € / week, 10 € / day
  • P2 FAMILY 35 € / week (only pre-order ticket – buy from the webshop)
  • P1 VIP: 60 € / week (only pre-order ticket – buy from the webshop)
Parking area locations:
  • P5 Event Centre parking area is located at the Event Centre. There is a competition bus transportation between Event Centre and Competition Centre. Transportation takes about 25-30 minutes.
  • P3-P4 parking areas are located 0,5-1,0 km from the Competition Centre.
  • P2 FAMILY parking area is located 0,4-0,5 km from the Competition Centre.
    Family parking is meant for families with little kids and there is a limited amount of parking slots available. Family parking ticket can be bought in advance from our webshop.
  • P1 VIP parking is about 350-400 m from the Competition Centre. The space in the VIP parking is available for all participants for KOW, however the space is limited. The VIP parking display tickets may be purchased in advance from our webshop.

Competition bus

Competition bus will service between the Event Centre (Puolanka) − Competition Centre - Event Centre. Ticket prices, timetables and routes can be found from this page.

Bus route:

Arrival route (12km): P1 Puolanka camping (Leiritie 1) – P2 Pororaja accommodation – P3 Event centre (Koulukatu 2, bus stop is in Kajaanintie 1) – P4 Competition centre (Kuirivaarantie 1)

Departure route (12km): P4 Competition centre (Kuirivaarantie 1) – P3 Event centre (Koulukatu 2, bus stop is in Ouluntie 2) – P2 Pororaja accommodation – P1 Puolanka camping (Leiritie 1)

Route takes about 30 min. From the Competition Centrel bus stop there will be a 0,3 km walking distance to the Competition Centre.

Bus ticket prices

  One way Week ticket
Adults 3 € 15 €
Child (under 15-years-old 2 € 10 €

Purchase parking tickets:

  • KOW Webshop (week tickets)
  • KOW info (card / cash)
  • Bus (only in cash)

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