Children's day care (Muksula)

Muksula is intended for pre-school-aged children and it is open each competition day. Please do not bring a sick child (fever, stomach flu, etc.) to Muksula.
Pre-registration must be done by the 27th June 2022 by using the registration form on our webpage: -> 2022 -> Event Centre and Competition Centre -> Children’s day care. The children who are not pre-registered can only be admitted to the day care if there is free space!

Children’s day care prices are as follows:
Pre-registration by 27th June 2022: 10 € / day / child
On-site registration: 15 € / day / child
Prices include a little snack and refreshment drink for each day care day.

Adventure track (Rastiralli)

Adventure track is adventurous, funny, easy and well-guided orienteering track for kids under the school age.
Prices for the adventure track are: 5 € / day, 15 € / week

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