Arriving to Finland, Kainuu and Puolanka

Arriving to Puolanka is quite easy and flexible.

To arrive Kainuu O-Week 2022 we recommend the following:

1. Book flights from the departure country to Helsinki (Helsinki airport)

2a. Book flights from Helsinki airport to the Kajaani airport or the Oulu airport or the Kuopio airport and rent a car from the airport to drive to Puolanka.
2b. Rent a car from the Helsinki-Vantaa and drive from Helsinki to Puolanka. It about 660 km and 7-8 hours driving from Helsinki to Puolanka.

3. From Kajaani airport to Puolanka
- 1 h 20 min driving to the Puolanka town centre
- 1 h 15 min driving to the Competition Centre (Kuirivaarantie 1, Puolanka)

- By car (rent a car from the airport)
By taxi

4. Competition bus
- From the Event Centre (Puolanka town) you can have a competition bus transportation on each competition day to the Competition Centre and back to Event Centre. See more from -> 2022 -> Audience -> Event Centre and Competition Centre.

If you have any questions contact us directly:
+358 44 512 3517

By air:

Helsinki → Kajaani 
Helsinki → Kuopio
Helsinki → Oulu
Helsinki → Kuusamo
Helsinki → Rovaniemi     

By rail:

By bus:

By car:

Distances and estimated driving times by car to Puolanka:

From Turku 690 km, 8 h 30 min
From Helsinki 660 km, 7 h 30 min
From Tampere 560 km, 7 h 00 min
From Vaasa 420 km, 5 h 30 min
From Jyväskylä 420 km, 5 h 00 min
From Kuopio 270 km, 3 h 15 min
From Rovaniemi 240 km, 2 h 45 min
From Kuusamo 170 km, 2 h 15 min
From Oulu 130 km, 1 h 45 min
From Kajaani 100 km, 1 h 15 min
From Vuokatti 105 km, 1 h 20 min

Car rental:

Helsinki (airport)
Kuopio (airport)
Kajaani (airport)
Oulu (airport)
Rovaniemi (airport) 

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