56. Kainuu
Orienteering Week, Finland 

30.6.-5.7.2024, Joutenlampi, Kajaani

Entry is open! 
The third registration step closes on 31 May 2024 

Welcome to Kajaani to enjoy orienteering and holiday week in amazing orienteering terrain of Joutenlampi. Joutenlampi is most well-known of its pine forest moor terrain where runability is mostly very good. KOW2024 orienteering map's and terrain's area is definitely one of the best in Kainuu. Experience a memorable orienteering week in Kajaani!

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Private accommodations

New accommodations

Number 60

Asemantie 7, Ristijärvi

Private house (single-family house)
Beds for 8+1
Distance to the location 37 km

1 150,00 € / week

Number 61

Rastaantie 3, Kajaani

Private house (single-family house)
Beds for 7-9
Distance to the location 15 km

1 150,00 € / week

Number 62

Karhunpolku 3 f 46, Kajaani

Block of flats (apartment building), 3 block.
Beds for 5
Distance to the location 16 km

920,00 € / week


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