Dormitory, floor and camping accommodation are available for the Kainuu Orienteering Week.
To this page we will update possible accommodation places which are available for the 2024 Kainuu Orienteering Week. 


Dormitory accommodation is available through Kainuu Orienteering Week accommodation. 

Kainuu vocational college dormitory accommodation

Rooms: 2 person rooms with basic furnitures -> beds, tables, chairs and wardrobes.
Shared living room (with TV), kitchen (with refrigerator, cooker, microwave) and shower and toilet. Common spaces are shared with four rooms. The customer must bring the necessary cooking and eating utensils and bedding (blanket and pillow).
In addition, laundry facilities and sauna (sauna shifts for women and men in the evenings).

Dormitory accommodation is available in three separate buildings, one of which has a sauna and the other has a laundry facility. There are always four rooms in one dormitory apartment.

There is limited parking in the dormitory. There is more parking space in the yard of Kainuu Vocational College, approximately 300 m from the dormitory.

There is a bicycle shed in the yard of the dormitories for storing bicycles.

Locations: Opintie 2, 87100 Kajaani is located in 1,2 km from Kajaani city centre. 

- 2 person room  25€/person/day
- 2 person room for one person 35€/person/day

It is possible to reserve a bed for one person in a double room for 25€/person/day. In this case, it is possible that another guest of the same gender stays in the same room.

More information: accommodation@rastiviikko.fi, 044-512 3517

Booking: by email accommodation@rastiviikko.fi
In the booking/reservation email please inform the following information:

  • your contact information (email and phone number)
  • accommodation period
  • accommodating persons (amount of the persons and names)
  • if you want to reserve accommodation for one person only, please inform do you want to reserve room of your own or are you able to share room with a room mate (same gender)

Booking conditions can be found here.


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