We take care of the participants and organizers of Kainuu Cross Week with these coronavirus measures


As an organizer of the event we will take coronavirus situation seriously in Kainuu Orienteering Week Finland event. Our main target is to organize the event as healthy and safely as possible.

We will release separate instructions for participants and spectators due the coronavirus situation and actions needed for that. Instructions will be published in our webpages (during spring 2021).

Here are shortly the main actions due the Covid-19:

- We will obey the instructions of the Finnish government and the health care officials of the Kainuu region

- Hygiene (hand wash stations in the event centre and in everywhere needed)

- Safe distances in different areas of the event and competition centre area (remember to use 2 m distance towards each other)

- Hygiene masks
-> organizers will use the mask in the event centre and everywhere needed
-> we recommend that participants would use masks in the event centre

- Showers and saunas are organized as the coronavirus situation demands

- All possible traffic situations in the event are minimized with different kind of actions (so that participants and organizers have enough space)

- We are ready to make participant restrictions to each content and the whole event if needed

During the spring 2021, we will draw up a detailed contingency plan, which we will inform to our customers in website, social media and newsletter.

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