KOW recreational orienteering open courses are on of the most popular and diverse open orienteering possibility in Finland 

Open courses at Kainuu Orienteering Week have increased their popularity summer by summer. For open courses you can register on-site at event arenas. In case you plan to participate for entire week, you can also pre-register via Rastilippu service portal.

  • 10 different skill levels for amateurs to professional orienteers. Additionally for the little kids (under school age) we have adventure like activity route.
  • The maps are guaranteed to be up-to-date and of the highest quality! 
  • Result service is as good as in competition categories

Recreational orienteering categories and skill levels:

Activity route: Adventure route for little kids. Route is marked to forest so children can safely go to the forest. Usually parents are with the children during the route. Best for kids under school age.

Family-RR (Open RR): marked orienteering route; usually for kids 10-years or under and with the family (parents)

C-categories: Courses are mainly very basic orienteering, easy skill level, best for beginners

B-categories:  Courses are mainly normal orienteering, medium skill level, best for orienteers who are already experienced

A-categories: Courses are mainly very demanding orienteering, hard skill level, best for competition or professional orienteers

Categories: Scales Skill level Distances 
A-long 1:10000  Hard 7,5 km
A-short 1:10000 Hard 4,5 km
A 1:7500 1:7500 Hard 4,3 km
B-long 1:10000 Medium 6,0 km
B-short 1:10000 Medium 4,0 km
B 1:7500 1:7500 Medium 3,8 km
C-ultra 1:10000 Easy 10,0 km
C-long 1:10000 Easy 4,5 km
C-short 1:10000 Easy 2,5 km
Family-RR / Open-RR*  1:10000 Marked route  1,7 km
Activity route**   Marked route 0,5-1 km

* Participation fee includes maps for the whole participating family and one emit-card. The track is the same as the H/D8RR series.

** There is a little prize for kids in the finish on every competition day.

Starting points guide map


The goude map shows the distance from the competition centre to each starting point for each race day.


Instructions and timetables

On each race day at Kainuu Orienteering Week it is possible to participate in open courses, family course and activity route. All courses are allowed to do alone or in a group. The participants are timed but overall results are not calculated and prices based on ranking are not distributed. 


Open courses schedules on race days (tentative schedule)


Open courses info open

Start open:

The finish is closed:

Sun 4.7. 09.00-18.00 11.00-16.00 at 18.00
Tue 6.7. 09.00-18.00 11.00-16.00 at 18.00
Thur 8.7. 09.00-18.00 11.00-16.00 at 18.00
Fri 9.7. 08.00-17.00 10.00-15.00 at 17.00
NOTE! All orienteers who have left the forest must register at the finish even if they have suspended their performance!!


Instructions for pre-registered orienteers when arriving to KOW competition centre

Pre-registrated (with own emit-card): Can pick up their competition number directly next to the open courses info in competition centre and go start and orienteer. So you don't have to visit in open courses info office.

Pre-registrated (with rental emit-card): You have to visit in open courses info office tent, where you can have your competition number and rental emit-card.


Instructions for Rastilippu- service registered orienteers 

  1. See your competition number from the start list.
  2. Retrieve the competition number bib from line adjacent to the open courses info point.

-->  If you have your own emit card, so go to the start area (5) and start to forest when start area´s officials gives you the permission. 

--> If you need a rental emit card, Register yourself when you arrive at the open courses info point at ‘pre-entries point’. From there you will have a rental Emit card - go to the start area (5) and start to forest when start area´s officials gives you the permission.


General instructions for open courses and family course

Before performance

    • Follow the organizer's instructions regarding the arrival at the competition centre
    • Find open courses info tent at the competition centre
  • Explore route options and maps:
    • The open courses of maps and routes can be seen in advance in the open courses info, which makes it easier to choose a suitable route.
    • The courses of open courses and control descriptions have been pre-printed on the map (as in the competition categories)
    • Choose a skill and distance level that suits fo you
  • Registration:
    • Registration to open courses is possible either in advance by the Rastilippu-service or on site by filling in the registration form and paying the participation fee.
    • On-site open courses participation fees can be paid in cash, credit / debit cards or by exercise benefit vouchers (Smartum sports and cultural, Tyky and Virike).
    • Emit punching system is used in the open courses. If you do not have your own emit card, you can rent the card for either day (5 €) or full week (15 €) from open courses info.
    • For safety reasons, the use of the Emit card is compulsory for all orienteers, as this is the only way we can control that orienteers have arrived from the terrain to the finish. In the family courses, one emit card can be used by more than one person, such as a child with their parents etc.
    • You will receive a competition number on-site in the competition centre from the open courses info (competition number must be attached to the front of the shirt in the visible position).
    • The registration form can be printed here and fill it in advance to speed up your registration on-site.
  • Start: 
    • All open courses start in start area 5
    • You can go to the starting point whenever you want during the open courses opening hours - NOTE! Check the race-day access to the forest from the KOW competition instructions or the open courses instruction this page
    • Sign up for the start officials (at the start area you will be asked for the competition number, emit number and track/course)
    • the map can be obtained from the start area
    • the emit card reset is on the start area (when orienteer is starting)

During performance

  • Circle around the orienteering course in numerical order
  • Do the emit punching on each control point and remember to check the control point code
  • Remember that court yards, farmed fields and other prohibited areas that are marked on the map are not allowed to use by orienteers

After performance

  • Select the number 5 for the goal line
  • Do the final emit punching in the finish line
  • Walk by following the officials instructions to the emit checkpoint tent
  • In thr open courses and family course timng is used but prizes based on ranking are not distributed. Also, in the open courses and the family course overall results are not calculated
  • Course-specific results will be published on the scoreboard of the competition centre and on the website
  • Every day, all participant in open categories lots drawn daily distribute prizes - be sure to check out on the open course info if you have won.'

The same Emit-card CANNOT be used in both competition and open categories.

In the open categories, two or more people can use the same Emit card - also in the same event.


In the open and family categories, there will be a raffle on each competition day. The prizes will be given out at the open courses info point.

The KOW commemorative prize will be awarded to all participants. Additionally all H/D8-10RR and family categories will receive a special commemorative prize. 


Anniversary medal

Participants who have participated in Kainuu Orienteering Week (KOW) 20, 30, 40 or 50 times are entitled to an anniversary medal.

If you have participated 20, 30, 40 or 50 times at KOW this year, please send an e-mail to KOW competition office (info@rastiviikko.fi) one month before the KOW (until may 31st) and tell your name, club, country and the number of participating years (20, 30, 40, 50 years).


Additional instructions for the family course

In the family category, the group will have one competition number and one emit card that will be read at the start and finish.

In the family category, the organisers will provide maps for the family/group and one emit card.


You are warmly welcome to the open courses of the Kainuu Orienteering Week!

NOTE! Check the validity of your insurance (eg leisure accident insurance) in orienteering events. Different insurance companies have different reimbursement practices. On the organizer side, the launching event is insured with the insurance of the Finnish Olympic Committee.

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