Want to be a partner of Kainuu Orienteering Week?

The most important cooperation partners for the Kainuu Orienteering Week are the municipalities of Kainuu. Additionally, there are many companies that are cooperating with the KOW.


We have four level of the cooperation as follows:


1. Main partners (Main Finish area partners)

For these partners we will offer the most diverse cooperation partnership with almost every advetisement place in the event.


2. Finish area partners

For these partners we will offer the visibility at the start and finish area of the event. 


3. Supporters

For supporters we can offer different kind of visibilities and services in the event.


Other events

In addition, Kainuu Orienteering Week cooperates with other "like-minded" events. This can be, for example, exchanging logo banners on websites, handing out brochures at events, etc.


If you are interested in cooperation with the KOW please contact:

Secretary general:
Jukka Liuha
+358 44 767 9533


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